About Us

Trust is our
core business

About us

Reloy is a consulting company, leader in the loyalty field.

Who we are

We support companies to improve sales and market share performance through the implementation of CRM, loyalty and co-marketing programs.
We develop relationship marketing strategies and solutions that aim to enhance the person and their interests.

What we do

We equip mechanics and strategies related to the content loyalty world. A dedicated unit, internal to the company, deals with scouting and procurement of physical, virtual awards, advantages and discounts. This allows us to be immediately reactive in proposing strategic solutions “end to end”, optimizing the flows in terms of time and management. The variety of the brand portfolio at our disposal and constantly updated with respect to new trends guarantees:

  • A targeted selection of partners based on the target audience;
  • The possibility of creating exclusive clubs for both consumers and the sales force, according to the commercial needs of individual customers.