Reloy offers complete support on every single aspect and phase of the CRM project, with a flexible and modular open source approach.
In the CRM area Reloy is:

  • strategic consultant
  • system integrator
  • technology provider

Rewarding and procurement

Reloy is the first rewarding loyalty agency that acts as a strategic link between producers and customers, to put the prize and its value at the center of attention.

  • short e long collection
  • special promotion
  • self liquidating
  • competitions
  • multi-level marketing incentive program


Through important partnerships, Reloy supports clients in the development of a long experience strategy that focuses on the consumer and aims at increasing the business by the value growth of the relationship.

  • partnership
  • couponing
  • special project

Loyalty, incentive and welfare program

Reloy builds tailor-made solutions designed for various targets and effective for:

  • incentivizing the sales network;
  • retaining customers;
  • motivating employees with welfare programs based on medical-health services that fall within those provided for in the Stability Law.